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Top toys & playing with your 6-9 month old

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

By 6 months your little one is much more interested in the world around them, including toys. During this period from 6 to 9 months you will notice huge development leaps with your little one where they may start sitting, crawling and even standing with support.

During this period from 6 to 9 months your baby will use play to work on developing their fine motor skills, problem-solving, and object permanence (knowing that an object still exists even when they can’t see it).

Some tips for purchasing toys for your little ones:

  1. Your little one will love using their hands so anything they can easily grab, pick up, move, squish or spin

  2. Music, your little one will start to love hearing different sounds, even more so when they make the sounds themself, so anything musical will be a hit

  3. Toys that they can explore independently and have no right or wrong way to play will capture their attention & will create more independent play time than flashy, noisy toys which will capture their attention for a short amount of time before they want to move on

Our Top 3 Toy Picks for Babies 6-9 months old

Cute little wooden hand rattles (maracas) made to stimulate the young minds. The perfect size for little hands hold, exercise their grip and improve their motor-skills whilst discovering delicate sounds.

An activity toy for the youngest children that stimulates many different senses. On the wooden pins are wooden beads that you can spin and pull in. They also hold together the wooden pins that can be pushed together or pulled out.

The montessori spinning drum with 6 shades of pastels and with bells in the middle is a mesmerising toy for your little one. As they use their hands to spin the drum they can listen to the sounds they are making.

This is a long lasting toy as your little one gros and they start to recognise and name the different colours

How best to play with your 6-9 month old

  1. Your little one will love to hear different noises so sing to them or help them make music with musical instruments

  2. Put the toys within reach so they can choose which toy they would like to grab, move, shake or spin

  3. Peek-a-boo is a great game to help them understand object permanence (knowing that an object still exists even when they can’t see it).

  4. Playing catch with the wooden magic ball is great fun & you might even get a little giggle

Thank you for reading.

Vicky x


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