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Royal Darlings most recommended 1st Birthday Toys

Can you believe you're starting to think about 1st birthday gifts? Everyone tells you how fast time goes but nothing goes as fast as that first year of your little babes life. It feels like only yesterday we had those teeny newborn snuggles.

As your little one approaches their first birthday, this is where the fun begins! 12-18 months can be such a fun (yet exhausting) time, our little ones are going through so much developmentally! They may be army crawling at serious speed, trying to master the stairs (hourly!!) and having us running round as they master the art of cruising / standing / walking / running or jumping.

As your baby starts to become more mobile they really need toys that are going to capture their attention, and as always with the toys provided by Royal Darlings my aim is to provide you with sustainable, long lasting & high quality products, it's important that the products can be used now by your little one, but also used for months / years to come as they develop in different areas.

Please see below my top 5 recommended 1st birthday gifts

Vicky x


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