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Christmas Gift Guide 6-12 months

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Picture the scene, it's your little ones first Christmas, you've got them a lovely Christmas outfit, maybe even family matching pjs, you've beautifully wrapped all of their gifts, set out a carrot for Rudolph & a favourite tipple for Santa, then Christmas morning comes, your little one couldn't care a less about what gifts they've received but are more interested in the wrapping paper and cardboard boxes!

It's going to happen! But once the novelty of the wrapping paper has worn off, then allow the little one in your life to enjoy some age appropriate, sustainable, long lasting toys that are perfect for their age & development. This gift guide has been written with your 6-12 month in mind and suggests a range of toys & stocking fillers that will be used time and time again as your little one grows and develops, I have also been sure to include many open ended toys which means their is no right or wrong way to play with these toys, so watch your little one grow and their imagination develop.

Top 3 Gifts

Vicky, Royal Darlings x

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