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Christmas Gift Guide 3 Years +

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I have called this blog the Christmas Guide for 3 Years +, the + is really important as with any of our products, the items can be played with in many many different ways, for years to come, as we also know that our little ones grow and develop at different rates. At 3 years and above imaginative / pretend play is so important, therefore our gift selection for the 3+ years has been specifically chosen because each item promotes imagination and independence.

Pretend play opens up a new world to our little ones, showing them their is no wrong or right way to play & the toys / resources can be whoever and whatever they desire. This, for me personally, is the magic and beauty of being young!

Play is the work of the child :)

Top 4 Gifts

Vicky, Royal Darlings x

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