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Christmas Gift Guide 18-24 months

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

At 18-24 months our little ones really are on the move, they have hugely developed gross motor skills & fine motor skills such as using their little hands and hand-eye coordination. It's around this time that language development and colour matching becomes huge for these little people, they're exploring and aware of so much more of the world around them.

This blog provides you with a range of different gifts and stocking fillers at different prices which will not only be used by your little one through the ages 18-24 months but way beyond. The products support your little one in achieving particular development milestones as well as being used for open ended play, meaning they encourage independent play and can be used in whatever way their imagination desires. Let their imaginations run wild and see where their little minds take you, you might be surprised.

Top 3 Gifts

Vicky, Royal Darlings x

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