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Christmas Gift Guide 2-3 years

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Between the ages of 2-3 is when our little ones imaginations really start to grow, you may have noticed they imitate everything you do, and want to be involved in EVERYTHING! It's such a fun age but can also be very challenging for our toddlers as they have so much going on, they believe they are fully independent but also need lots of support.

For the Christmas Gift Guide for ages 2-3 years I have chosen 3 gifts which promote and support their independence, they can play with these products independently and can use that wild little imagination to play in which ever way they desire, research has shown that giving our children as much independence in things they can control i.e. play, can reduce the frustrations they feel in day to day life. I'm all for less tantrums!!! :)

Top 3 Gifts

Vicky, Royal Darlings x

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