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Playing with a Newborn & Royal Darlings Top Pick Toys for Babies 0-3 Months

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

From birth babies can only see in black and white and therefore its best to use monochrome (black and white) toys with your little one.

These are some reasons why it's best to use Black and White toys for the first few months of your little ones life:

  1. Babies can only see black and white for the first few months of their lives

  2. Their eyes and capacity for sight are not fully developed at birth, they won't see in full colour until around 4 months of age

  3. Black and white sensory resources help stimulate the development of babies optic nerves

  4. Playing with your newborn using monochrome sensory resources helps new brain connections to form, which supports brain development

How best to play with your newborn

  1. Play in short 10-20 minute stints

  2. Make eye contact with them

  3. Use your black and white resources to help them make eye contact with the item and move it from side to side watching as they follow

  4. As they get a little older they will start to look for black and white resources and will start to hold large soft items in their hands

  5. Most importantly, no pressure, just have fun getting to know your new baby

Our Top 3 Toy Picks for Babies 0-12 weeks

From birth, babies learn about their brand-new world through their developing senses. Sensory cubes help little ones to develop sight, hand/eye coordination and motor skills.

A great value parenting tool to inspire a love of reading from an early age and create moments to cherish and bond with little ones. You will get so much use out of this little black and white book it is a must have for any parents.

Stimulate your little ones senses with our amazing petit boum sensory bottles.

The petit boum sensory bottles in black and silver will mesmerise your little one, encouraging them to discover the colours and marvel at the light to stimulate their concentration

Thank you for reading,

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