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Mum Life: What ‘normal thing’ feels like a luxury now you’re a mama?

Something to make you smile…

Time to yourself (if that’s what you can call it), you know the feeling, like OMG it’s nap time and I’ve got a whole hour to do what ever I want…or like me, you spend most of nap time so excited about all the things you can do in nap time only to realise most of nap time is now gone and you’ve done Sweet FA!

I asked my followers what feels like a proper luxury nowadays as mamas but you wouldn’t of batted an eyelid at a few years ago.

Here’s what you mamas said in no particular order:

  1. Having a bath in peace 🛁 (yeah right, when does that ever happen?). Midday bath anyone???

  2. 3 WHOLE HOURS spent alone in the hairdressers 💇‍♀️ - bliss

  3. Food shopping ALONE 🛒 - whoop! Fun times

  4. Time in the house on my own to do housework 🧼 . Can we give it up for the mamas that choose housework over binge watching Selling Sunset 👀

  5. Having a hot cuppa in piece and quiet ☕️ - oh, that hot cuppa! Hot is such a luxury these days

  6. Eating my lunch at work and not having to share 🥗 ! NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS! Absolute food thieves! Also whilst we’re on food, anyone else spend a full meal dodging flying cutlery 🌬

  7. Being able to go to the toilet alone - you don’t like a 💩 with an audience?! Who even are you 🙄

  8. Being able to watch an episode of something I like - no pepper pig? Cocomelon?? Bluey??? WHAT 🫠

  9. Going for a drive without having to sing, feed, entertain - ANYTHING TO KEEP THE CHILD AWAKE!

  10. This one WINS. Sleep, thinking I was tired pre-kids! How DARE any young free and single human tell us they’re tired 😴

In your new life of being sleep deprived, cook, entertainer, cleaner, teacher, counsellor, food sharer, good cop, back cop whilst googling the shit out of life, I hope this post makes you smile 😊




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